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Terms of Use

The website www.ireinasoftware.com (hereinafter “This Website” or “The Website”), is the property of DVentures SRL, registered in Belgium under BE0765882997 (hereinafter “We”, “Us”).

The objective of this Website is to inform, present, describe and advertise the services and products of DVentures commercialised under the trademark “iReina”.

Rights and Ownership

All the intellectual property rights related to the content of the Website including but not limited to text, pictures, photos, graphs are the ownership of DVentures SRL. The content of the Website shall not be used for any purposes other than the ones described in the Acceptable Use.


iReina is the proprietary trademark of DVentures SRL and cannot be used by anyone else, for any similar services and/or products and/or in any way that can create confusion or unfair competition.


All the information contained on this Website is the copyright of DVentures SRL and cannot be copied or used for any purposes without permission.

Acceptable Use Policy

The visitors have a limited right to use the Website for the purposes of getting to know and inform themselves of the services and products offered by DVentures under iReina and/or to get in contact with Us, as long as they abide to the present Terms of Use.

Prohibited Uses

Here is a n indicative non-exhaustive list of some examples of prohibited uses of this Website:

  • for illegal purposes
  • harvesting data
  • for harassing others
  • for « personal or professional gain »
Disclaimer of responsibility

The information provided on this Website is only for informational and illustrative purposes and does not represent any form of legal or professional advice. We cannot be held responsible or liable for any promises that we do not offer or intend to offer.


We are allowed and are the only one allowed to modify, change, add to, terminate, or suspend any part or all the website at any time, even without providing notice.

Support and Maintainance

We are not under any obligation to ensure the availability of the website, provide any website maintenance or customer support.

Termination and Modification

We can terminate the access of any visitor at any time without notice and at our discretion.

Law and Jurisdiction

Law and Jurisdiction In the event of dispute, the Belgium law and jurisdiction will apply.