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What is iReina
Your GDPR compliance and data governance automated expert.
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Automated. Practical. User-friendly
iReina is a user friendly and holistic automated solution for managing GDPR compliance and data governance. It facilitates the life of Data Protection Officers (DPOs), the business and the second line of defense.
Embedded Compliance. Autonomy and Business Continuity
iReina is designed into logical process flows with built-in deep subject matter expertise and automated risk rating. It allows organisations to directly operationalise GDPR requirements and be covered even in case of a tight budget or turnover.
Image of a laptop running iReina
Discover iReina Solution and its Modules
User-friendly. Smart. Collaborative. Pragmatic.
Record Of Processing Activities
Record of Data Processing Activities
Create, update and manage your Record of Processing Activities easily and efficiently. Comply with Article 30 of the GDPR, manage your data and privacy risks.
Impact Assessment
Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA)
Automate, standardise and simplify your DPIAs management. Comply with art. 35 of the GDPR while saving time, money and resources.
Data Breaches
Personal Data Breaches
Sync and simplify the management of your personal data breaches. Get the information you need and evaluate the risk easily to comply with the 72 hours notification requirement.
Maturity Assessment
Privacy Maturity Assessment
Get a structured view of your privacy maturity. Identify your key privacy risk areas and build easily a remediation plan. Anticipate and be prepared in case of internal/external audit or regulatory action.
Third Party Risk Management
Third Party Risk Management
Streamline the processes of evaluating and monitoring the privacy risks related to your third-party vendors, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations. Gain visibility and control over your external risks.
DPO Portal
DPO Portal
Designed for both outsourced and internal DPOs to help them streamline and manage privacy queries from the business in a structured and efficient manner.
Discover what iReina can do for you
Business enabling.
Reduce Cost
Gain quality and time while saving up to 10 times of the cost of a remediation program.
Reduce Risk
Avoid regulatory and reputational risk with clear view on your gaps and to do’s.
Demonstrate Compliance
Ability to show best-in-class evidence structured and recorded in one place.
Decision-making process made easy
Get instant answers and statistical information which help you make informed decisions.
Autonomy and Business Continuity
iReina does almost all the job for you. You are covered in case of tight budget or internal turnover.
Resources and Process Optimisation
Relieve your team from dull tasks and free up more time for high-value activities.
Engage the Business
Break the work "in silos" way of doing GDPR compliance. Easily engage all levels.
Discover our areas of expertise
Our values
What matters to us and that we want to bring to our customers.
Autonomy is power.
We empower our customers by providing them with a solution which enables business continuity, independence, and cost-cutting.
Creativity is the basis of innovation.
We deliver creative solutions which connect the dots between business needs and expertise.
Authenticity is key for building trust.
We are transparent in our way of working. We focus on our areas of excellence to deliver real added value.
About Dessi
Dessi Vitcheva: Founder & CEO of iReina Privacy Solution, based in Brussels. As both a privacy professional and an artist, I am passionate about integrating art and creativity into iReina's DNA.
Professional background: 10 years of experience in Risk & Compliance Consulting specialized in Data Protection since 2013. Started at Deloitte Belgium, then KPMG London, to continue as a freelancer and entrepreneur. Amongst others, covered roles such as global DPO for a private bank and advisor to DPOs. Broad industry and international experience working in Brussels, London, Amsterdam, Abu Dhabi, Oslo.
Academic background: Bachelor in Law at Sorbonne — Paris 1; Three (3) Master’s degrees — two of them in Law, including an LLM in ICT & IP Law KU Leuven, and one in Business Economics Entrepreneurship.
Passions and Drivers: What drives me in my work are my passions for creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. I strive to infuse these elements into iReina, allowing us to offer more than just a compliance solution. Authenticity is another key value that guides me, as I believe in inspiring others and being inspired by their unique journeys. We aim to transform compliance into an inspiring and engaging process.
About Jarrich
Jarrich Van De Voorde: Co-founder & CTO charting out the future for iReina
Professional background: > 10 years of experience developing software and leading engineering teams for small businesses to large corporates, from startups to international banks etc.
Last few years specialized in delivering highly-available, scalable and secure SaaS solutions that empower businesses globally, from payment systems and online marketplaces to government software projects.
Academic background: Bachelor in Applied Computer Sciences at HoGent & several accredited certifications in software engineering and cloud.
Passions and Drivers: Very result-driven and take pride of everything I set out to do. I aspire to remove friction from business processes and apply a relentless focus on creating value to end users.
Advisory Board
Bart Van Roy Bart Van Roy Privacy & Data Protection expert
Lori Baker Lori Baker VP, Legal & Director of DP for DIFC Commissioner’s Office
Brice Boland Brice Boland Associate Partner Square Management & Managing Partner Initio Belgium
Until May 2023
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